What we do

We bring together the soccer community and help players develop relationships on and off the field

How we do it

We organize pickup games, leagues, tournaments and other soccer related events

We make it easy for soccer facilities and league managers to organize and run their leagues and tournaments through our league management services

We are developing a mobile app that will redefine how the soccer community connects!

Who we are

✓  Based in Houston, TX


✓  Active members of the Houston soccer community for over 20 years


✓  Passionate about meeting new people and connecting them with others through the sport


✓  Yes … we also enjoy playing the beautiful game!


“I have been playing competitive soccer all my life as I played it all through high school, club and college level. I enjoy meeting and connecting with new people who share my passion for soccer”


“I consider myself a vivid athlete who loves health and fitness and sees the sport as a great way to have a good sweat while making new friends. I met most of my friends currently through the sport”


“I started playing soccer when I was a toddler. Through the years I was part of a few soccer schools and have participated in several amateur tournaments. Soccer is one
of my favorites things in life and I follow it with passion. Soccer has always enabled me to make new friends and most of my social circle revolves around the sport”